BSC Success Cohort Workup™: How to Work Successfully with Competitors

Thursday, February 20, 2020 from 11:30AM to 1:00PM

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Can you find happiness and success by working with competitors? You bet! Food court businesses do. So do franchisees and thousands of other product and service businesses. It makes sense if you do it right. Attend the BSC's Success Cohort Workup™ on February 20 and walk away with ideas you can implement right away to create and manage a competitor alliance successfully.

This is a continuation of this month's Success Lab Talkup™ conversation on "coopetition", a win-win strategy for your business and the competitors you select to work with. You don't have to have attended the Talkup™ on February 13 to get a lot out of this session but you are invited and encouraged to do so.

We will start the Success Cohort Workup™ program right at 11:45. You will introduce yourself and share a recent success so please be on time. Then we will break into small groups to get to know each other and work together on this month's strategy. We will end at 1PM. Come at 11:30 if you want to eat. 

Bring cards to share and put on our attendee table. The program is free but please be prepared to spend at least $10 to defray the cost of the room.

Facilitator: Jan Triplett, Ph.D. and Certified Business Technical Advisor Consultant is the CEO of the award-winning Business Success Center. She is the co-creator of the Street MBA, Owners MBA and 7 Steps to Success programs and speaker/strategic guide on 100+ Ways to Fund and Grow a Business, Pricing for Success, Profitable Alliances, the co-author of Thinking Big, Staying Small, and author of The Networker's Guide to Success and Easy to Be Green. She is also the founder of the Profit Mover Advisory Team™ that provides guidance, funding support, and follow through to independent businesses throughout the US and abroad.

Co-hosts: Bill Combes, No Time for Social, and Amy White, TransTex LPS

BSC Success Cohort Workup™ is a monthly business strategy program focused on connections, contacts, and knowledge (3rd Thursday @ 11:30). It is part of the BSC Practical MBA™ developed by Jan Triplett and Dan Diener, founders of the Business Success Center ( We pride ourselves on our ability to groom and support owners and their businesses to achieve greater stability and profits and safer growth. We provide workable, proven strategies based on the most current and relevant business information and open doors to the right connections so you can have the business you've always wanted.

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